Last Post of the Year

The way I've been not posting at all, this could be just the last post. There have been so many events to write about, from Israel sending aid to Nigeria to bombing targets in Sudan.  From the insanity of the Haredim spitting at an 8 year old girl because she was not modestly dressed to their standards, to Syria considering Israel as an enemy forever, to the crazy changes in the Republican contenders for president of the U.S., with Cain out, Gingrich in but slipping, and Romney moving forward, all towards the Iowa caucus in a few days.

But the only thing I can think of right now is my daughter, Rambo, who is still in a wheel chair and not doing well.  All her therapies have stopped.  The hospital is throwing their hands up, not understanding that her therapies must continue even if she is not showing much progress.  She also needs to leave her apartment (she is not happy their, for reasons which I will not go into now), and doesn't even know where to look, if she won't continue therapy at this Tel-Aviv hospital.

We (my D.H. and I) are going to visit her and the rest of the mishpachah towards the end of January.  Maybe we can accomplish something and help her.  At least, we'll be with her and her siblings and their families for a long awaited visit.

The next time I will be posting, it will be "next year" already.  For those who celebrate the secular New Year, have a happy and safe New Year.  2012.  It will take me a week to write the correct year on checks.  Oh wait, I use a debit card...


Batya said…
refuah shleimah
Nechama Tzippora bat Ora Tova is on my list, everyday. Maybe, G-d willing, we'll f2f or at least talk on the phone. My prayers are with you and your family.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Thank you so much for keeping her name on your Tehillim list (btw, we spell it "Nechama Tzipora bat Orah Tovah).
Talking by phone is a distinct possibility. I also will be in Israel through 2 Rosh Hodeshes (sorry--Roshei Hodashim). I wonder...
jshjsh said…
Hello from Canada,
I sent you a comment earlier, but it seems that you did not get it, about a new therapy that is working for some RSD patients - my daughter is going through it now, but it is still too soon to say if it will work. It is IVIG therapy, done at the Dept of Immunology at the hospital. Study results coming out of the UK are showing promise that it reduces pain levels. It is something to look into. All the best, Judy
Max Moreno said…
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