Windy Shabbat

My friend Ethel is staying over by us for Shabbat.  We walked to shul today (a tad late...) in a blowing wind, that the meteorologists said could increase up to 40 mph.  Leaves were blowing in our faces, our heads were down, leaning into the wind.  Fun. 

But the temperature was over 60 degrees, on November 12th.  Imagine.  And everyone gasps when I say I live in D-----.  "It's really cold there in the winter, right?", they ask. Our winters here are actually quite varied; sometimes they are extremely cold, for a period of time. And then, after a week or two--if that long--we suddenly have mild 45-65 degree days.  When it snows, generally in several days the snow is gone--not so much even melted, but sublimates into air.  Just plain evaporates.  It's really nice, living in a dry climate. Not like the East Coast where I grew up, where New York snow in biting cold, wet winters turns into muddy, filthy slush and lasts for weeks. 

The only complaint I have is that I have to drive in the stuff and work in the stuff--and if it's wet and snowy outside, we can't take the children out for very long, if at all.  I used to really love the snow, as a child (I'm a winter baby, born on the 14th of Kislev, the month of Chanukah), but now, I rather not have to drive in it.  I guess that's a sign of getting

So, not really looking forward to the next snow, guess I'll settle for a windy Shabbat.

Shavua tov.                          


Batya said…
stay safe
Lady-Light said…
Batya: You are a lone voice in the wilderness of my blog; for which I thank you!
I will try to stay safe (with Hashem's help...)

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