No more daylight savings time--back to mountain standard, now with 2.5 hours left to run around like chickens without heads before candlelighting, facing the first early Shabbat of the season (they don't call it "short Fridays" for nothing).  We got little to no sleep last night because of 1) my cold, and insomnia, and 2) my D. H.'s extremely painful tooth--he was on antibiotics and hydrocodone since 10:30 p.m. Thursday night.

So I figured, what the hey--I'm already UP at 3:54 a.m., might as well call Israel.  So I called my older son (who just had the baby) to find out how his wife was: there had been a complication, the doctors found a blood clot in her fallopian tube, and she was in the hospital.  He said she was on medication and blood thinners, the doctors were monitoring her, and she will have to be hospitalized for a few more days, over Shabbat for sure, and also probably Sunday.  He himself had gotten little to no sleep the night before, being up with the new baby (who was at the time of my call, nursing).  Her older sister was at an Aunt's, thank G-d my daughter-in-law has a wonderful, loving, caring family, and her mother is lilke a second mother to my son.  Makes me feel even more guilty than I already do.

Got to go--my D. H. is in pain, waiting downstairs for me to help him cook.  That alone says a lot!

All I can say is, T.G.I.S.*

Shabbat shalom.

*(thank G-d it's Shabbat!)


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