New Israeli App will...Keep You Awake

We all know you shouldn't drive while talking on the phone, or rather, you shouldn't talk on the phone while driving (I wear my hands free bluetooth earpiece when I drive, just in case), and certainly not text, right?
But what about if you're dead tired, and you have to drive somewhere? What would help keep you awake and prevent you from dozing off at the wheel, when your mother-in-law isn't sitting next to you jabbering away in the passenger seat (and why is it always the "mother-in-law," not the father-in-law?)?

In a story I first saw on Arutz Sheva and then on the website where the article was first published, NoCamels ( camels?), the answer to the above question, is the new, Israeli designed Drivia app, that's what.  It shouts trivia questions at you while you're driving, forcing you to answer and stay awake (or go crazy), hence the name, "Drivia" - a combo of drive, and trivia.

Leave it to the Jews - we won't kill you, we'll just debate you to death.  Seriously, leave it to the Jewish people to innovate and invent another product which benefits mankind!  And guess what? It's available in multiple languages.  Except Hebrew.  Go figure.


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