New Granddaughter Born Today!!

I have some wonderful news--grandchild number seven (כן ירבו), a girl, was born today to my son and daughter-in-law in Gedera!!  A Shabbat baby, she weighed in at 3.38 kilo, about  7.45 lbs!

We saw the message indicator on our phone flashing red and were on shpilkes waiting for Shabbat to end so we could run upstairs to the computer, access our VoIP account (no more landlines) and listen to the message, which we knew was coming, because we spoke to our son erev Shabbat and his wife was already at the hospital in Petach Tikva!

Here is a first photo, of Rambo holding her new little niece. They both of them look good, Baruch Hashem!

May there be many, many more healthy and happy babies!  There is nothing as important as family...


Batya said…
Mazel tov!!! So exciting!
Morah Orah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Thank you!

Michael K.: Thank you, too!
In other matters, did you know that Liron & family visited Nati & family in Efrat for coffee and cake (or hummus and pita, whatever)?!

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