NaBloPoMo!! (Nothing New to Write About!)

Well, here it is--already the (blogger looks at watch) seventh (7th) day of November, and I've posted about everything important in my life: family, Israel,Judaism.  And now there's nothing left!!
What am I gonna do?  I have to post because...I signed up for "NaBloPoMo," or National Blog Posting Month, and I am supposed to post something (anything) every day, for gosh sakes.  I just knew it would happen: blank stare.  No ideas.  Dried up.  But it's only the seventh.  I thought I'd run outa ideas on, say, the fifteenth, at least--middle of the month.  No dice.

Oh well ( "oh well?" That is soooo lame).  Going to eat something (stomach rumbling away), leave a bit early to pick up a book and DVDs from our local library, and go to work.

What I really want to do to Israel and Florida!! Donations gratefully accepted...

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