MarHeshvan: A Month of Great Significance.

I've written on this blog about the Jewish month of MarHeshvan several times, the most recent being this past November first,  where I mentioned the double-entendre meaning of the prefix "mar", originally referring to droplets of water, Heshvan being the first month of the rainy season in Israel, and for which we pray for rain in the preceding month of Tishrei.  Later on, the month of Heshvan's prefix "mar" took on its sardonic second meaning of 'bitter', it coming right after a month laden with holidays, it being a bare-bones month of...nothing.*

Today I came across an article about the significance of this month, but projected into the future.  According to tradition, the dedication of the third Bet HaMikdash (Holy Temple) will occur in the month of MarHeshvan.  Watch and listen to this video about the sweetness of the month of MarHeshvan.

But (smugly), I knew this all along.  After all, three of my four grandchildren in Israel are Heshvan babies.  And (bet you didn't know this one), D.H.'s and my wedding anniversary--this year marked our 43rd--is the 6th of Heshvan.

*(excluding of course Shabbat, a special "HOLY-day" which anyway is the original meaning of 'holiday', which comes every week on the 7th day of the week.)


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