Love is a Fire in Your Heart Wedding Hall

My niece is getting married this March, and I am so happy for her--she has found someone whom everyone says is a great guy (including my daughter, Toodles, who now lives in New York who has met him and has gone out with the two of them several times).  We actually are planning on attending: I only have one sister and one niece, and I want to celebrate her big day with them.

So (le-havdil) I came across this lovely wedding story on the news, and couldn't resist posting it.  What are gifts? Food? Cake? Flowers? What's important is, you and the love of your life have a story to tell to your children and grandchildren for years to come:

(photo by Nicholas Augustus  /  The Canadian Press via AP)
There are wedding disasters, and then there are wedding disasters. In the first (and more typical) category, a bride or groom might botch the wedding vows or flub a dance move. But in the DEFCON 1 category, the entire wedding venue — including the food, cake, decorations, flowers and gifts — can become engulfed in flames.
That happened to Michael and Nancy Rogers, a Canadian couple who had meticulously planned their wedding at a popular seaside resort on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. On Saturday, less than an hour before the ceremony was to begin in a main lodge on the resort property, the bride-to-be learned that the lodge was on fire.
Bride and groom were ok.  I guess in the long run, that's better than fainting at your own wedding, right? And why is it that in most of the following wedding clips, it's the groom who's fainting, not the bride...?  Says a lot.  Shabbat Shalom!


Batya said…
Considering that "our People" fast on their wedding days, I guess it's safer than what those others have taken....

Theme Wedding said…
I have really enjoyed your funny video !!!
gas fires uk said…
That is cool..want to say congrats and best wishes for her wedding.

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