From the International Chabad Shluchim Convention in New York

Despite what some people say about Chabad, and what flaws it may have as a religious movement (nobody's perfect), the Chabad/Lubavitch movement has done the most of all Jewish religious movements to transform Judaism all over the globe*.

As Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks says, if a Jew is lost, anywhere in the world, Chabad will find him.

*...all over the globe: a clip from the opening ceremony of the International Chabad Shluchim Convention, 2011.


Dina said…
Shalom Lady-Light. So nice to meet you and your blog.
Lady-Light said…
Dina: I am amazed how many wonderful, well-written blogs there are out there in the JBlogosphere. Lehitra'ot to you, too-
Thanks for visiting!

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