Flash Mob*, Jerusalem Style

My D. H. saw this first on Facebook, then went to Janglo , where it was posted from.
I wonder how long they practiced for this.  Choreography is exciting, and they're really well coordinated.  Go to their website, Hora Jerusalem (I'm linking the English one), and everyone--learn to dance!!

*what's Hebrew for, "flash mob?"  It can't be...פלאש מוב ...?


μαρτυς said…
According to Morfix, "flash mob" is כנופיית בזק
in Hebrew--literally "flash gang".

Morfix: http://morfix.mako.co.il/
Lady-Light said…
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Lady-Light said…
μαρτυξ: I use Morfix constantly, but didn't bother this time due to time constraints:
בָּזָק או אספסוף בזק (באנגלית flash-mob) היא קבוצת אנשים המתאספת לפתע במקום מסוים, עושה דבר מה שלא מן השגרה, ומתפזרת כהרף עין. אנשים בקבוצה שכזו בדרך כלל אינם מכירים איש את רעהו, ואף לא משוחחים.

Personally, I like the word אספסוף better; it smacks of flotsam/jetsam and riffraff (!)and, נוסף לזה, they're (Morfix, that is) incorrect with their definition: these flash mobs are not done randomly by people who don't know each other; they are done by dance class students, or by professional dancers and the "flash" dances are 1)choreographed, and the participants 2) know each other, and 3)converse with each other,
unlike the definition.

(Βtw, I'm not certain I have the last letter of your name correct; is it a xi? -or a sigma?)
μαρτυς said…
"Flash mob" is also being used to refer to groups of mostly youths running into convenience stores and grabbing what they can and disappearing. I wonder if the term will continue to be applied to both mobs, or eventually stick to just one. I suppose it'll depend on which trend becomes the more common...

(It's a Final Sigma on μαρτυς; the W-key on the Qwerty English keyboard)

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