Advocate for Tolerance: of Muslims and Jews

Pamela in her blog Atlas Shrugs wrote about a new reality show on The Learning Channel about an All-American Muslim family.  She noted that Alyssa Rosenberg, culture reporter for advocates watching the show to counter "Islamophobia," because the show depicts ordinary Muslim-American just trying to live their lives and 'balance their faith' with being American.  When was the last time you saw a reality show depicting an Orthodox Jewish family, 'just trying to balance their faith and nationality' living in the United States?
I read Ms. Rosenberg's post. In my opinion,  The lady doth protest too much, methinks.  

Funny how I never hear anyone speak up so eloquently for tolerance of Jews.  The poor Muslims are maligned, but all turn a blind eye antisemitism and racism towards the Jews.  So I commented on her post, with the views that I've stated ad nauseum in this blog, Tikkun Olam.  Here it is, reproduced below.

You're concerned about 'banishing intolerance' towards Muslims? The bottom line is this, reality shows notwithstanding: there are "good" Muslims and there are "bad" Muslims, although the expression "most Muslims aren't terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim" comes to mind. Most of the terrorist acts which have been committed--not all, but most--have been by radical Muslims in the name of their "Religion of Peace," Islam. People aren't "Islamophobes," as you put it, for nothing; they have good reason to be.

Now let's compare that to the Jewish People. I can't think of a recent terrorist act that was committed by Jews, yet antisemitism is rampant worldwide, with innuendos against Jews, expressions that have insinuated themselves into the lexicon, such as 'he JEWED him down,' verbal slurs, the defacement of synagogues and the occasional murdering of a yeshiva student.

You're concerned with tolerance? So how about advocating a reality show about an Orthodox Jewish family, trying to 'balance faith and nationality'? I laugh how everyone is bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims, whether it be speaking up for them, or fulfilling their religious needs. When was the last time Jews demanded something akin to a foot-bathing fountain in an airport (as did Muslims), or paid time off for Chanukah or Passover?

As for myself, I judge a people by its actions, not by its rhetoric. Case closed.


Batya said…
The muslims have numbers and numbers mean money, besides the oil.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: True, but I have a gut feeling that there is something more to it than that. There's a psychological pathology behind it, just as there is a pathology behind the universal dislike (I wanted to, but didn't, say 'loathing') of Jews.

It has something to do with appeasing the bully, so that you'll be on his-side-and- he-won't-hit-you-too; with being in the "in group" (translated: the popular, politically correct group). Also, advocating "tolerance" for Muslims show to the world how ecumenical and un-racist you are.

Similarly, the dislike of the Jews is connected with subconscious self-hatred: the Jews are 1) more intelligent, 2)diligent, 3)successful, 4)have a solid faith which preceded every other faith and even might be TRUE, therefore="better" than...everyone else.

[at least, that's the theory explaining the anti-semitism phenomenon, anyway ;-)]

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