Yummy Recipe for Sukkot from the Leaders of Ohr Chadash

My son called me today (it was 11:38 p.m. for him--very late) while he was cooking for the chag, or holiday, of Sukkot (Tabernacles, for all my non-Jewish readers) which begins tomorrow night.

He was having a "high" in preparation for the chag.  He had finished putting up his Sukkah (the temporary booth we erect in which to have all our meals, and even sleep in during this 7 day holiday), and was now cooking (his wife was working the night shift) up a storm, expecting to have to stay up and awake until 3:00 a.m.  I hope he didn't have to...

One of the recipes he was making was Turkey Tzimmes, his Rebbetzin's recipe.  It sounded so good, that I wanted to change our menu which we already had set up, to make it.  But no can do, because, as I said, everything has been decided upon, ingredients bought, and we are sharing the cooking with another family who will be with us for the 3-day Yom Tov, for every meal, until they leave on the middle intermediate days for New Jersey to be with family.  So maybe we'll make it for the end of the chag, which as of now is totally unplanned (!)

The recipe is easy--which is the only type I would consider, because remember, my D. H. is the KosherKook and Head Chef in our house--not me (he hasn't updated his blog in a long while.  I keep nagging him to...maybe soon...).  He does the complicated recipes, I do the easy ones!

This is the kind that I could do: basically it's steaming turkey pieces over sliced onions (fill half-way up to the turkey with water), then adding vegetables in chunks: sweet potatoes, carrots, pitted prunes, butternut squash--you know, all those terrific vitamin A veggies, as the Rebbetzin states--and after steaming that, too, top with honey and allspice.

Go straight to the New Horizons blog of The Trugmans of Ohr Chadash fame, and read the entire recipe.  Then cook it yourself, and don't forget to tell me how it came out! Meanwhile, have a wonderful, happy, chag Sukkot!

חג סוכות שמח           


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