A Pro-Israel Thought Before Shabbat

As we know--or more correctly, as some of us know and the rest of us should know--it is politically incorrect to say anything positive about Israel or defend Israel in almost anything it does, such as it's holding onto those "disputed territories" won fair and square in a defensive war, or keeping up a naval blockade against anyone who might try shipping weapons and materials to terrorists bent on Israel's destruction, or its treatment of the Arabs (so-called "Palestinians") who are either Israeli citizens, or in the aforementioned Judea and Samaria, treatment which is called by many who have no concept of the meaning of the word, "apartheid."

So it is really refreshing (and a bit shocking--hard for me to believe he actually said this in public) to hear Glenn Beck fully support Israel, and not mince words at it, either:

I want to leave you with his strong words this erev Shabbat.  Food for thought (enjoy your Shabbat se'udah).
Shabbat shalom.


Batya said…
First, I hope you're feeling OK and your daughter doing better.

Glenn Beck does seem to be sincerely pro-Israel. I hope he's not just faking it for other reasons.
the sabra said…

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