Peace, Sure--Just Not With a Jewish Israeli State

Do the "Palestinians" want peace? Maybe.  Ok, let's say "sure." But not with a Jewish State.  'Cause there isn't anything like that.  Nor are there a "Jewish People."  There never has been.

There's only something called "Israel."  And they don't want peace with it, either.

Dennis Prager did a 'test' with a peace activist, to prove this (entire article here.).  I don't know whether she understood it...

The Palestinians Want Peace -- Just Not With a Jewish State

About five years ago, I was invited by the Hoover Institution to lecture at Stanford University over the course of a week. Coincidentally, Israel's Independence Day fell during that week, so I was invited to speak at the celebration held by pro-Israel students. In my talk, I noted that the crux of the problem in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was that most Palestinians wanted Israel to cease to exist.
After my talk, a woman walked over to me and introduced herself as a peace activist. She told me that she could not agree with me because Palestinians, in her view, were quite willing to accept Israel's existence.
As it happened, about 50 feet behind the pro-Israel celebration was an anti-Israel demonstration led by Palestinian students. So I told the woman to go over and introduce herself to the Palestinian students as a peace activist -- that way they would immediately trust her -- and ask them if they were willing to acknowledge the right of the Jewish state of Israel to exist. I told her that I would bet her $5 that they would not answer in the affirmative.
She accepted the bet and walked over the Palestinian students.
After about 10 minutes, she returned.
"So," I asked her, "who won the bet?"
"I don't know," she responded.
"I don't understand," I replied. "Didn't they answer you?"
"They asked me, 'What do you mean?'" she answered.
I told her she owed me $5 but that I wouldn't collect.

(Here is the link again, to read the rest.)


Batya said…
The Arabs are very clear and blunt about it. See the video here.

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