Mo'adim le-Simcha...

Still sick, but I wanted to post some pics of our sukkah, so here they are.  This is facing the East wall, where we have hung our "bahd" (material) from the sukkah we had when we lived in Israel, thirty years ago.  It was one entire wall of our small sukkah in Gilo then, and the colors were much brighter.  Now, it doesn't reach the other side of our wall, and the colors are faded away.  But I still love it and it brings back memories...

The wall to the left has pics of some of the "Gedolim," Harav Kook, the Rebbe, Rambam.  The "Misnagdim" are on that wall too, but near the photographer (yours truly) so they're not visible in this pic.  Actually, one of them is: the Rambam (he was no Chassid).

The middle photo is our kids' wall, with stuff they made when they were teeny tiny babes.  I'm a packrat.  I save everything.  When I die, they'll have to dig down under all this stuff to find me. 

Our sukkah "window" was actually initially made by those pesky squirrels, who last year ate a giant jagged hole into the board when they were being stored, standing vertically, for a year.  They stuffed it with fluff--for insulation--and basically we surprised them in what they thought was their 'living room.' I suggested to my D. H. to (after he evicted them) to saw off the jagged edges and made a rectangular window, so he did.  Voila.

We had lots of guests.  The only thing missing, kids.


Batya said…
What a lovely succah and post. Chag sameach u'bri'ah

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