September Labor Day Weekend-It Ain't Over til it's Over

Ok, just posted yesterday about Israel/Florida trip, but this is a new month (Gregorian), and I am going to try to post daily-another Nablopomo attempt, which may or may not make it.  So here goes, at least for the first day of September, 2011.  Our trip isn't over yet.  Nope.  After not having done anything of significance trip-wise for at least a year or two (I think I did get to Florida on a gift ticket last summer, for one week only), we are flying out today heading home--for one night--and leaving early (yeah, right) Friday morning for a 'last fling' mountain vacation in a little cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park.  From the Tropics to the Tundra, as it were. 
We will be staying in a lovely place which has some personal meaning for us, as when our kids were little we used to take them there, and sometimes rent a boat, or go fishing and hiking.  As a matter of fact, trout IS on the menu for this weekend, if my D. H. will actually catch anything (I don't have a license yet, and don't have the same interest that he has in the sport).  We'll prepare it before Shabbat and have it cold on Shabbat, or not.

Plan B: a jar of gefilte fish.  Shabbat Shalom a day in advance...


Batya said…
enjoy, my dear
at least we spoke...

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