Labor Day Over. Back to...Labor.

Labor Day weekend is over, and today was my first day back at...labor!  It was great seeing the kids again (I teach at a preschool), and they actually remembered me (!).  After a teacher is away for two-and-a-half months, little kids ages 2-4 don't necessarily remember her, as they have grown so much in such a short period of time, have reached developmental milestones, and have engaged in so many new activities (summer camp with swimming, etc.) during that time. But it was almost as if I had never left.

I wasn't able to write much for my last post, because we were up in the mountains where WiFi was iffy, if you moved away from the Lodge Office.  And I was posting from my smartphone, to boot.  Why it didn't show that on my post, I don't know.  There's probably an APP for that which I don't have.  The WiFi fact is interesting in and of itself: we have returned to this particular resort many times over the last 25-30 years, we loved it so.  We used to go with our children, then little.   In the beginning (and for many years thereafter), it was a simple, rustic place, almost totally cut off from the city--there were no TVs in the log cabins, no telephones anywhere except for the office--this was in the very old days of B.C. --'before cell phones.' 

But there was one lonely pay phone in a little, partially enclosed space (almost a phone booth) with a sign which requested people not to have long conversations, as people are waiting their turn for the phone-- remember those days?

Staying at this place was really leaving the work-a-day world and immersing yourself in quiet (or loud, if you had kids with you) reflection and/or fishing, hiking, picnicing, fishing, bar-b-ques, swimming, fishing, or just lazing around the fireplace in your cabin. Or fishing. One was as far from the workaday world as possible, without going to Timbuktu or Antarctica.  No one could reach you easily (supposedly-but somehow the newspaper he worked for found my husband, and left him a message to call them for a story assignment) --remember, no internet, so no email, no Facebook, no Twitter--nothing at all!

How times have changed.  Now, it is a different world.  We arrived there and reminisced about Old Times, which are at this juncture, over and done with.  It is a new world.  We were shocked (but only just a little) to find TVs in every cabin, with a DVD player and DishNet, cable and 'OnDemand TV.'  And there was WiFi.  The owner's son--his parents, whom we had known, had passed on years ago--said there was too much demand for computing and the internet, and he caved.

The punchline is (if you take a close look) that Quest came and took out the payphone some time back, as you can see from the photo.  With ubiquitous cell phones, even though reception is iffy because of the mountains, there was just no need for it.  So sad.  It does really feel like a by-gone era...I definitely am getting old...

It's still a beautiful, serene place, but something has been lost, which I can't quite put into words.  Here are a few pics which we all know are worth "a thousand words," from an average photographer (can you imagine how many words a good photographer's pics are worth?!)

The pics, respectively: our cabin, exterior and interior, my D. H. attempting to catch something (we went to Plan B, see previous posts), Forest Canyon Overlook in Rocky Mtn National Park, and yours truly, dwarfed by the beauty and expanse of G-d's creation.

There was only one thing missing.  My children.


NutsoZip said…
I love this post Eema! You just made me ache from missing the Rockies so badly (and my Eema and Abba of course)!
There's only one problem with your post... There's no phone in the phone booth!
Lady-Light said…
Dear NutsoZip: I love you so much.
That has nothing to do with anything, just staam kacha.

If you miss the Rockies, you should try visiting for an extended period of time, to see if it's right for you. Or go to the Golan...
As far as the phonebooth goes--no kidding! Did you read the part in my post which stated that Quest came and removed the phone??! Guess you skipped that sentence.

Please visit again, post and parents, soon...

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