Apres-Israel: Florida "Vacation"

I needed to compose at least one more post in the month of August.  The reason August needed to have at least one more post, is that otherwise, it would not be much better than July, which (gasp) had only one--count 'em--one post.  My worst posting-month ever.  I think. 

They say (-no idea who 'they' are) that bloggers blog because they have no "real" lives, but rather, that they live vicariously through their blogs, in a "virtual" world.  When I first found out about my daughter's illness and became super-obsessed with her situation and her subsequent treatments and therapies, I suddenly had a "life." Terrible way to go, but be it as it may, there it was.  I suddenly found myself, in the "real," physical world, with a vengence.  There was no time and certainly not enough energy to put my thoughts down on paper, er, Word Document.  Surrounded by a daughter in a wheelchair who needed care and companionship, and two rambunctious toddlers running up and down the hallway, vocalizing (I'm being nice)as they ran, I couldn't even think clearly enough to formulate a coherent thought.

But it is the 31st of August, and a post is required, so here it is.  Since August the 17th I have been in Sunny Florida, visiting the almost-rest of my family.  I say 'almost' because I still have family in New York, which I will not see on this mega trip.  My other three grandkids are here, stateside, but the main reason we are here is my mother-in-law's 90th birthday, ad me'ah ve-esrim shana. I hope and pray that I am as mentally and physically active as my mom-in-law when (b'ezrat Hashem) I get to that age...she is incredible!

If it hadn't been for that special birthday, which included a week of parties: housing development neighbors, NCJW and Hadassah friends' parties, culminating in a kosher-catered family party at my sister-in-law's.  It was wonderful, but I would have continued my stay in Israel.  I did not want to leave my daughter alone in the hospital, and I could have stayed another month on my tourist visa.  But it is what it is, and I am glad that I got to see my three American grandchildren and my two daughters as well.

Tonight is our final night here, and all of us - except for Toodles, my middle daughter who left today to return to New York - are going out to dinner at a nice kosher fleishig restaurant.  That's one positive about South Florida--so many kosher facilities, including milchig and fleishig restaurants, not like where we live.  It's also a "little Israel" here, as most of the Jewish stores and restaurants are Israeli.  I've had more shakshuka here than in Israel!
Got to get ready, so will end here and now, on the 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Elul: Chodesh Tov--next post, September!

(p.s., my youngest daughter is doing her therapies and practicing, through the pain, her desensitization techniques, between the actual therapy sessions.  She has also had five acupuncture treatments, to date. Slight improvement, but it was temporary.  More later...)


Batya said…
You did the right thing to see the rest of the family. Enjoy in good health.

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