Israel Journal: Week the Third-Fourth

Basically I have no time to post.  I am now sitting here at the table in my older son's pinat ochel near Yavneh.  I had been supposed to be sleeping at friends, in a yishuv south of Jerusalem, and tremping to my younger son's apartment in the same yishuv, but in actuality I was staying over at my son's (with most of my luggage at my friend's) every night for the last two weeks.  It is too much for him, having me there in addition to his disabled sister.  I have stuff that I brought with me, to my son's--not my two big suitcases but an overnight, laptop case, and bags of, just stuff. It's too much for him in his tiny apartment.  Caring for his sister is emotionally exhausting, and his wife is a true tzadeket, silently putting up with a disabled person and her mother basically taking over their lives.

We are trying to figure out how to get my daughter to a hospital in Tel-Aviv which also specializes in RSD.  Unfortunately it is a private Medical Center, and we have put in a request for her kupah (her HMO) to pay for it, at least for the initial visit to have her situation assessed by an RSD specialist.  I found out that the Medical Center also has an RSD support group which I think would help her greatly.

An alternate idea, or maybe as an adjunct to the above plan, is getting Rambo into assisted living.  There is an assisted living home for the disabled in south Jerusalem, but they don't have (as far as I know) specialists in her condition.  Maybe she could go there after her assessment at the private hospital, but these are all questions up in the air right now.  There is a lot of bureaucracy in getting her accepted there.

Erev Shabbat, no more time to write.  Need to help with my baby granddaughter!
Will continue later.  Shabbat Shalom.


Batya said…
Refuah shleimah.
Get her assessed and supported by bituach leumi.

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