Video Medley: Being Jewish, Connecting with the Divine, and the Mitzvah to be Happy

I found some meaningful videos that I think express some of my thoughts and feelings about Jewishness, spirituality, and the importance of happiness--the latter of which is extremely relevant to my family at this difficult time for us.  We should watch this, and catch the beat!  (and the achdut, too!)  

My daughter has created a  RSD/CRPS Awareness page on Facebook, here.  Please LIKE it, and send it to all your friends.  Maybe, with more awareness leading to research, we can stop this debilitating disease.

And now, on to the videos!

On Being Jewish:

Judaism: Connecting the Physical with the Divine:

It's a Mitzvah to be HAPPY!

*(hat tip to the Azooooolai family for the Ya'alili video--thanks, guys!)


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