Israel Journal: Week the Second

Just a quick post.  Am trying to care for my two little toddler grandkids like a parent: feeding, changing diapers, bathing two in the tub simutaneously and running after them to diaper them and pajama-them for bed.  In between I read them a story.  Today I took my first long walk with two in a stroller built for one, up and down the hills (there is no level area where we live.  Just hills.) to the shopping 'center,' basically a little strip-mall type thing with several stores including a small supermarket, some small clothing, toy and 'kol bo' store ('kol bo' means 'everything in it,' like a very small department store), a bakery and a small pizza place.  Oh and also a money-changing place, which I entered, having used almost all my shekels.

In between all that I try to help my daughter by waiting on her and giving her what she needs.  My son is the one who lifts her from the sofa to the wheelchair when she needs to use the bathroom, or needs to move back to the bed in the 3rd bedroom, which is really supposed to be my son's office.  I don't think I have the strength to lift her; at least, my kids don't think I do.

Today, after the kids' bath, my little granddaughter, 11/2 years old, ran naked from the bathroom into the living room, grabbed my daughter's reacher (a long handled grabbing tool for reaching into high cabinets or top shelves), and smacked her aunt in the leg--her right leg, which was developing RSD like the left one, which was the one hit by the car and the initial recipient of the RSD.  My daughter went into a flare-up.  My son was with her, helping her; I wasn't even aware that this had happened, having been in the bedroom getting her nephew ready for bed.  Her terrific, patient brother was with her, helping her by making jokes and putting on a favorite piece of music for her to distract her during the episode.  I was oblivious to the whole thing, being in the bedroom dressing the kids in pj's and reading them a story.

So I was the cause of this last flare-up, by not having watched the little one closely enough and not keeping her in the bedroom, away from her ill aunt.


I love walks - especially up and down hills!
you weren't the cause of the flare up. It could have happened at any time that the little one would have hurt Rambo.
Lady-Light said…
Megan: I used to love walks. Now I have leg problems,am out of shape and am eating too much (the food here is incredible). Thanks for visiting.

D.L.: Correct. But it still feels awful to have inadvertently allowed it to happen. I'm over it.

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