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Monday, May 30, 2011

RSD/CRPS - What Is It?

Here is a superficial explanation of my daughter's disease, RSD or CRPS.  The video below this one describes a little of what having RSD actually feels like.  It does not express it as severly as it actually is.  I was Skyping with my daughter (who, G-d willing I will see in two and a half weeks), when she suddenly had a flare-up.  I can't describe what happened--how her face suddenly contorted as she tried to cope with the pain coursing through her leg.  And I was watching her, sobbing, 7,000 miles away, incapable of doing anything. 

Thank G-d her brother was there.  He tried to help her, bringing her a cool compress for her forehead, and standing by her side, speaking soothingly to her.  She was in such pain, she was not aware that her mother was crying...I need strength to be able to help her, and appear strong.  How will I do that?

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Anonymous said...

wow, it looks horrible
refuah shlema umehira!!!

Aunt Laya said...

My prayers to the Heavens for a complete and speedy healing. I wish there were more words of healing and comfort I could offer.

Lady-Light said...

Anon: You have no idea. Amen to your brachah.

Batya said...

refuah shleimah and strength and health to all of you

Lady-Light said...

Aunt Laya: Thank you! Hope to at least speak to you when I get to Yirmiyah & Avital!

Batya: Thank you: strength, emotional and physical strength, is what I need. My daughter needs to...get her life back again...Amen, Ken Yehi Ratzon...

CHAVA said...

Refuah Shleima a hundred times. Besurot Tovot!!

(I linked here)

Lady-Light said...

Chava: Thanks for writing--long time no hear...!

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