Glenn Beck Gets it Right: Whom are we Supporting in the Middle East?

Haven't blogged in two weeks, so it's time.  Here, Glenn Beck states outright what I have been trying to beat you guys over the head with for years.  I am losing my patience, and my politeness.  For all his foibles, Beck has the courage (or the chutzpah) to say it loud and clear (yes, I know it's an adverb, but "loudly and clearly" just doesn't cut it).  All reasonable, intelligent, informed people should be standing with Israel against the radical Islamists and Islam.


Anonymous said…
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Lady-Light said…
Yid: According to the Torah, what you say is correct (although some Rabbanim have opined that the prohibition is against male homosexuality, not necessarily female). That does not mean, however, that homosexuals should be tortured and murdered.
In our time, without a Sanhedrin or direct Divine intervention, it is up to Hashem to deal with this problem, not us. We certainly do not have the right to take someone's life because of his choices, immoral or otherwise.
Anonymous said…
Of course homosexuals shouldn't be murdered.

But that doesn't mean homosexuality should be condoned either, as is very much the case in Israeli government and culture. Thankfully the minority of chareidim were successful in preventing a gay pride parade in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Something that sometimes saddens me about Zionism and the State of Israel is that it seems to relegate Jewishness to nationalism, being a nation like other nations, emulating Western countries, with all permissiveness (and immorality) that entails.

Sorry, I didn't mean for the comments to go this way. Feel free to delete both this and my earlier comment. I'd totally understand! :)
Lady-Light said…
Yid: Of course I won't delete these comments--there is nothing wrong, we are having a respectful dialogue (at least, I hope you think it's that way).
I, too, am against a "gay pride" parade in Jerusalem. Why have a 'pride' parade? What are they proud of, their deviance from nature? It makes no sense. Heterosexuals don't have a 'straight pride' parade anywhere (although they might now, as a backlash).
But I prefer teaching by example. We cannot in our day, do what Pinchas did...Hashem was very much with the Israelites then; He is hidden from us, now.
Anonymous said…
Oh good, I totally think it's a respectful dialogue too... was worried others wouldn't see it that way on my end and think I'm just some hater.

Exactly, heterosexuals don't make a straight pride parade because doing so would be entirely inappropriate and immodest. The problem is a big part of the "gay community" have convinced a generation that one's sexual attractions constitute his very identity. As Torah Jews, we know that sexual attractions (be them for same or opposite gender) are included in the vast milchemet-hayetzer of life that we need to battle to come closer to Hashem and keep His will. But they are not our identities, chas v'shalom.

I think on an individual level we must show love and empathy toward all, while not condoning the sin. Who amongst us are without sin and struggles? But on a public, communal and national level we must stand firmly and only for kedushat-Yisroel and kedushat-ha'aretz.
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alissa said…
I am not a watcher of Glenn Beck, but when I have seen his show, it is very pro-Israel. However, I find it interesting that my Jewish friends seem to only pin-point how awful he is and he's an anti-semite, etc. I just can't understand that, he really does seem to be pro-Israel. An anti-semite pro-Israeli tv host perhaps (hahaha)? We Jews seem to be quick to condemn and slow to praise.
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