It Never Rains But it Pours...

So those of you on Facebook already know what we've (read: me) been going through.  Not that my D.H. isn't exhausted with working on the town home practically single-handedly--but that on top of putting house back together, flood in basement, inventorying what was damaged (dozens of books which were stored away in boxes on the utility room floor), I got very sick, the worst during Shabbat.  I actually had a fever.  I can't remember the last time I had a fever. I wasn't able to help him at all.  He put our new bed frames together without my assistance (did I tell you we had to buy new frames because the 30-year old one finally gave up the ghost? It just wouldn't put back together. Oh well. We got our money's worth out of it.).

Tonight will be the first night we are not 'guests' in our own home.  By that I mean, from the day we returned we slept in Rambo's old room because we had no bed frames.  This room will now be the guest room.  Toodle's old room is now our home office.  Somehow, using the odd pieces we own we squeezed both our computers and tables and cabinets into her room.  Except for the huge file cabinet which kind of hits you in the face as you walk in the door, it doesn't look half bad.

We are not "there yet" - we still have much left to do: stuff (great word, that) is all over the place inside boxes, out of boxes, hanging over things (such as the couches and chairs), and just plain empty boxes piled up in a large corner of the living room, waiting for the management to pick them up and take them away.

We haven't put the books back in their bookcases, including most of the sifrei kodesh. They are in boxes right in front of their bookcase.  Downstairs, we can't put back the books because the bookcases have to be hammered back together where their backs pulled out.  Besides, half those books were water damaged (well, we did want to clear out a lot of stuff; this sort of forces us to...).

Lamps are not up on walls, curtains not up on windows but rather are hanging in the coat closet where there is thusly no room for...coats (we have vertical blinds, so we do have privacy), we can't find our coat rack which used to hang opposite the coat closet, and the carpet is pilling like crazy and needs to be vacuumed--it's new--and the very last thing will be hanging the pictures and artwork. Right now, parts of our house are disaster city.

And I haven't even tackled my office yet, with it's six boxes of...stuff (there's that word again): papers, medical files, school work, etc.

I'll take pictures when we are done (don't worry--the photos above are not really my home).

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but for gosh sakes who would want to actually claim those photos anyway


Simply, admirable what you have done here. It is pleasing to look you express from the heart and your clarity on this significant content can be easily looked. Remarkable post and will look forward to your future update.
Batya said…
So, you're feeling better. That's good. Enjoy your newly fixed up home in good health. Shavua Tov and visit sometime...
Norma said…
My goodness! And no I didn't know from FB--but I think we're FB friends. Come to think of it, I only see a selected group; must be how we've set up our accounts. Do you see me on FB--I chatter all the time. Well, you've made wonderful progress.
Lady-Llight said…
Batya: I want to visit, but I have no time, between being sick and having to work, and putting this house together (my D.H. is doing the lion's share of it). Maybe soon...
Norma: Yes I see you on FB, and I just poked you! Hope it doesn't hurt (!)

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