What Was I Thinking??

NaBloPoMo? I must have been out of my mind. On January first, 2011 I signed up for National Blog Posting Month, committing to posting every day for the month of January.  My last post was January 2nd.  It is now January 8th. No posts in between.  I blew it.  Didn't even post on my daughter's (that's Toodles') birthday to wish her a happy birthday (January 7th). 

Good. Grief.  I'm a slacker.  A total failure.  There is no hope for me.  I have failed the course, wiped out, descended into the depths--and I'm duly beating myself up about it.

Why did this happen? No time, you say? Perhaps no energy? Unfortunately, the answer is actually D) None of the above.  I simply. . .forgot about it (you've heard of fahgeddaboudit? I did.)  Since January 2nd, I totally forgot to post.  I come home so exhausted from taking care of little two-year-olds by nurturing them, teaching them to be law-abiding social citizens by telling them to play nice and hands are not for hitting and use your words and singing to them, playing with them, wiping their little noses and changing stinky diapers* that I totally forgot to blog.  In fact, I almost totally forgot that I even have a blog.

Okay, this is it.  I'm a grown-up.  I'm gonna be fair and honest.  I am not waiting for my grade-school teacher to fail me, I am not waiting for my professor to throw my dissertation back in my face and say I'm not doctoral material, I am not waiting for the trial to have the jury judge me innocent -- I know I am guilty, period.  So I am hereby (this is...so hard) removing the January NaBloPoMo logo from my blog.  I am drumming myself out of the program.  NaBloPoMo, good riddance to you for January.  I am a total wipeout.  Maybe I'll have better luck in. . .February!

(*I really love my job.)


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