Given Current Reality, Peace in Middle East is a Fantasy

I have written previously many times about Israel being the world's punching bag.  Whereas other countries committing atrocities are more or less ignored, Israel is publicly and vociferously blamed for everything evil and the fact that there is no "peace" in the Middle East.

There is currently no peace between Israel and her neighbors, and the reason is because her neighbors want to annihilate her.  The Arabs (so-called "Palestinians") don't really want 'peace,' they want Israel gone forever.  David Solway gets it, in his article entitled "Is Peace Possible in the Middle East" on Pajamas Media.

Basically, everything is wrong there.  The Arabs speak out of both sides of their mouths; they say to the world they want peace with Israel, and to their people and in their schools they promote murdering Jews and destroying the Jewish Nation--which they refuse to recognize as such.  The same tactics and 'peace negotiations' are tried, in different incarnations, over and over again, like the fool who keeps beating his head against the wall, hoping each time that the outcome--his head breaking--will be different.  Nobody wants to see the truth, not even many Israeli  leaders.  Nobody is facing the facts on the ground.  This 'peace' promoted by liberals and leftists is really a fantasy,  a myth, pie-in-the-sky.

In order for peace to happen, the Arabs would have to agree to certain points which are anathema to them.  As Solway delineates:

  • The Palestinians would have to agree that a Palestinian state would be no more Judenrein than Israel would be, let’s say, Muslimrein; there are one and half million Arabs resident in Israel, most of whom will not surrender their Israeli citizenship. Why then should 300,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria be evicted from their homes?
  • The Palestinians would have to realize that their insistence on the “right of return” to Israel of seven million so-called “refugees” is a complete nonstarter, and must be dropped from their negotiating position. Israel is not about to commit demographic suicide.
  • They will be required to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
  • They will have to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Ramallah as the capital of Palestine.
  • They will need to be reminded that the “green line” is not an officially ratified international border but merely a temporary armistice line, allowing for adjustments that ensure Israel’s retention of strategic depth. For the Palestinian Authority to assume that its proposed or unilaterally declared state would abut the pre-1967 borders is a violation of UN Resolution 242. Moreover, Clause 5(2) of the Rhodes Armistice Agreement of 1949 stipulates that “In no sense are the ceasefire lines to be interpreted as political or territorial borders” and that they do not affect “the final disposition of the Palestine question.”
  • They will consent to cease promulgating anti-Jewish hatred in media and mosque and to erase anti-Israeli incitement from textbook and classroom.
  • Given Israel’s meager territorial scale and the volatility and inherent violence in the region, especially the aggressive meddling of Iran in local affairs, the smuggling of rockets and other armaments threatening Israel, and the inroads made by al-Qaeda and its offshoots, the Palestinian Authority will be compelled to permit a defensive Israeli presence in the adjacent hill country.
 Even if they agree to these conditions, we would be talking about the Palestinian Authority--Fatah--not Hamas or Hezbollah, which are committed to the destruction of Israel.  How can this work? It is not a viable situation.  Solway sites an article by Jonathan Rosenblum in which he calls the Palestinian strategy not a two-state solution, but rather a "two-stage solution."  In his view (and mine as well), 'peace' is just a step in the eventual disappearance of the Jewish State (emphasis mine):

There can be no peace at the present – and perhaps ever – because the Palestinians have pursued not a two-state solution, but a two-stage solution, of which the second stage is inevitably the establishment of a unitary Palestinian rule from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Even those Palestinians who profess to support a two-state solution, make clear to pollsters that they do not see it as a final solution, but merely as a stage to a takeover of the Jewish state, which they will never, in any event, recognize as such.
The first and greatest obstacle to peace, writes historian Benny Morris, “is one that American and European officials never express and—if impolitely mentioned in their presence – turn away from in distaste, is that Palestinian political elites, of both the so-called “secular” and Islamist varieties are dead set against portioning the Land of Israel/Palestine with the Jews. They regard all of Palestine as their patrimony and believe that it will eventually be theirs.”
If the 'Palestinians' want a state of their own, they already have one--in Jordan, which has always been part of Palestine.  But of course, the Jordanians (as every other Arab country) don't want them.  But Jordan could be split into two states--it is vastly bigger in area than Israel--and the state immediately on the east side of the Jordan river, the natural geographical boundary--can be that Palestinian state.  There is one logical possibility.  Do you think the Arabs in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or any Muslims in their twenty-two Muslim countries--would ever agree to this?

Now that notion, is truly pie-in-the-sky.  But I still believe in miracles (-my personal "pie").


Batya said…
Darling, don't sell yourself short.
One can't make peace with someone who wants to destroy you.
Lady-Light said…
Batya, Awwww, c'mon...I like pie. Especially if it's in the sky.
Mark @ Israel said…
What is it in Israel that the Arabs and almost every country in the Middle East would want to annihilate it and the Jews? Since the time of Hitler and until now, the Jews have been the target of atrocities yet other countries do not see or notice it.
Lady-Light said…
Mark: Sorry for the delay in responding; I've been sick. You ask the age-old question: what is it about the Jews that fosters that irrational hatred? Key word there is "irrational." It's a psychological thriller, entitled "The Scapegoat."
From the Encyclopedia of Psychology:
Why scapegoating occurs is rather complex. Scapegoating serves the need of the dominant social group to feel better about themselves. It relieves the group's responsibility for their own problems.
The scapegoated person or group becomes the focus and the reason for the difficult life condition. It was easier for Hitler to blame the problems of German society on the Jews than it would have been for him to truly understand the complex socio-political changes that were happening at the time.
Scapegoating also allows people to feel united when they join together to blame someone else. And when action is taken against the scapegoat, the dominant group can feel that they have accomplished something.

So there you go.

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