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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mourning a Terrible Loss

As you might have heard--it has been all over the news--a huge fire of suspicious origins broke out simultaneously in three different places in the Mount Carmel area today in Israel.

I found out about this from a parent of one of our students just this morning.  As upsetting as it was, I didn't know what was coming.  This evening, as my husband and I were going out to dinner - a Chanukah treat for ourselves - we met an acquaintance who told us that an Israeli Sephardic Rabbi whom I knew, a beloved former teacher in our local Jewish Day School--was one of the 40 or so victims on the bus that was engulfed in flames.  He was heading--as a chaplain--along with the prison guards to evacuate a prison which was in the path of the fire.

Here is a post from a Yid about Rav (Rabbi) Malka and the terrible tragedy of his sudden death. Rabbi Malka leaves a widow and small children.  He was only 34.

Baruch Dayan haEmet...

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Leora said...

Such a tragic loss - and so more painful when you actually know one of the victims personally.

Baruh Dayan HaEmet - may we know simhas and miracles (like some rain).

Batya said...

המקום ינחם
May G-d comfort...

Lady-Light said...

Leora & Batya: Please forgive me for not responding to your comments quickly--work and time constraints.
I was discussing this Chanukah (ha-mano'ach) with my husband. It was a difficult one...

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