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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Maccabeats Beat 'em All

Had nothing to do today as I took an unpaid day off to see a doc about my carpal tunnel syndrome which has been festering for over twenty-seven years and getting worse (it hoits) and in the early evening I visited Dov Bear's blog (boredom can drive one to do strange things sometimes...) and read his dissing of the Maccabeats relative to another group singing a Chanukah song.  I hadn't been on the bandwagon, and so hadn't heard the Maccabeats sing.

After reading DB's post and listened to the group whose video he posted, I decided to watch one the Maccabeats' videos.  I am hooked.  There is no question that the latter (that's the Maccabeats, to you) is better.  They have a great ear for music, are on key, harmonize beautifully, and do it a cappella, for gosh sake.  Basically, it's like this: if I were a guy, I would've gone to YU and been in that choir.  That's it.  Maybe in my next gilgul...

I mean, they sing Matisyahu better than Matisyahu.  Am ending a difficult Chanukah on a happier note (pun intended).  Give a listen.

Matisyahu's "One Day":

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Batya said...

shows you don't need to be a professional to do professional work
Shabbat Shalom

Lady-Light said...

Batya: Right. Shabbat Shalom to you too, sweetie!

Awesome Guy said...

First video is nice same as our office crazy

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