A Good Reason to Fly El Al


El Al is instituting new gourmet, Israeli breakfasts on their flights to Israel.  Now, there's a reason to fly El Al (also, on a side note--it's safer...).


Batya said…
I was planning the same sort of post. The food on British Air was awful, awfully British, no fruit, no salad. When you're flying as far as I have to now, all the way from Israel to AZ, that is an important consideration.
Lady-Light said…
Batya, You're going to AZ? How are your parents? Give me a call (email me for my #).
Chaviva said…
But, but ... we always fly Continental. Curses.
Lady-Light said…
Chaviva: Did you know that you can fly Iberian Airlines...but when you get on the plane, it's actually El Al, with Israeli pilot and crew?
So, forget Continental--fly Iber--er--El Al!
(I have no idea what this response to your comment means.)

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