Whaddaya Do? Become a Jew!

Not to give this story a bad rap (oy), but rapper Shyne has now publicly embraced his Jewish heritage, has undergone a symbolic conversion in Israel (he already was an Ethiopian Jew) and is now an Orthodox Jew, readying his return to rapping.

A significant statement he made explaining his choice to lead an Orthodox Jewish life:
“What are the laws?” he said, explaining his decision to adhere to the Orthodox level of observance. “I want to know the laws. I don’t want to know the leniencies. I never look for the leniencies because of all of the terrible things I’ve done in my life, all of the mistakes I’ve made.”
I can't wait to hear his next rap song.  Is it time for Matisyahu to move over...?!

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Anonymous said…
A bad rap lol.

Nothing stands in the way of teshuva.
Lady-Light said…
A Yid: Oy, oy, oy MASHIACH!
Don't know why I said that.

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