Tenk Gott is Shabbes

Received this in an email from a friend. After picking myself up off the floor, I decided it was worthy of posting here, erev Shabbat.  It also reminds me a little of my grandparents, zichronam li'vracha. . .
To all, Shabbat Shalom.   

. . .And Speaking of Yiddish, a Call to a Miami Condo:

HELLO. . .        Is this the Goldberg residence?"
        "Yes, mit whom do you vish to speak?"
        "Mrs. Goldberg please."
        "Mrs. Goyeldberg is gevoren shoppink 
[Went shopping] to dem supermarket."
        "Is Mr. Goldberg there?"
        "Oy, dis time of de day? Mister Goyeldberg is voikink."
        "Is Thelma at home?"
        "In de school is Telma, very clever… a real chuchom 
[Smart person] "
        "How about Harry, is he home ?"
        "Herry's in de colletch of medicine . Soon he should be a dokter,   kaynahoreh 
[G_d willing, no evil eye].."
        " Ok I see. Tell me then You must be Mrs Goldberg's mother?"
        "No, poor Bubbi Goyeldberg is gone, ollivasholom 
[May she rest in peace].”
        "So, then  may I ask to whom I am speaking?"
        "Dis is Shawana, de shvartze."


Anonymous said…
Oy vey.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: My sentiments exactly.

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