Obama Proud of his Childhood Home, Despite its Committing Genocide

So Mr. Obama has visited the country in which he spent four years of his childhood.  And while there, he praised Indonesia and talked about how it has "changed" in the years since he was there.  He also somehow found time to condemn Israel for starting construction in Jerusalem while there.  But he apparently conveniently forgot to remember Indonesia's bloody history.  Could it be that he forgot the genocide committed by his childhood country, because he was a Muslim at the time--and the atrocities were committed against Christians and other non-Muslims??  (Hat tip to Arlene From Israel for the link to Sultan Knish's full post on this subject, excerpted here).

To understand the significance of Obama's biography-- imagine that an American President who grew up in Nazi Germany on the eve of war, wrote only about his idyllic childhood running around the streets of Berlin and learning to read Mein Kampf, and then returned decades later, with no concession that a genocide had occurred here.

Not only does Obama insist on playing dumb when it comes to his adopted country's genocidal recent history, but appointed Dennis Blair as Director of National Intelligence. Back in 1999, after 200 people had been massacred in a Catholic Church, Dennis Blair was sent to ask for an end to the killing, instead he invited the Indonesian general to Hawaii and offered him American military assistance. This did not stop Blair from being confirmed, even though he had become a collaborator in genocide. Blair then brought along Chas Freeman, who claimed that China had been restrained in carrying out the Tiananmen Square Massacre. And the likes of Joe Klein and Andrew Sullivan rose to defend Freeman against any criticism.

Blair and Freeman are gone now, but this is an administration that thought both men were worthy of high positions. A nightmarish idea by any measure. Membership in the Nazi party would have disqualified just about any nominee, but giving a thumbs up to genocide and massacres in Asia makes one an honorable man.

But East Timor isn't the end of it. The same Indonesian military is still in business.

The Kopassus special forces, Indonesia's answer to the German SS, are still out and about. In 1998, Kopassus thugs gang raped hundreds of Chinese women in Jakarta. Some were burnt alive. The victims were as young as 10 years old and some were thrown into burning buildings afterward. The attackers proclaimed to their victims, "You must be raped because you are Chinese and non-Muslim."

And because of that, because the perpetrators were Muslim and the victims non-Muslim, the whole thing was quickly swept under the rug.
This is the real Jakarta, the city of Barack Hussein Obama's nostalgia. It's the ugly truth lurking behind his "exotic" biography. During his remarks with the Indonesian President, Obama got laughs when he mentioned how much Jakarta had changed since he was there. Of course one of the reasons for those changes is that the 1998 riots torched many non-Muslim businesses. The 'joke' was akin to mentioning how different Berlin looks since Kristalnacht.

In July, Robert Gates visited Jakarta, and ended a longstanding ban on US cooperation with the Kopassus forces. This was obviously not done on his own initiative. Such a radical departure from established US policy would have come from the top down. And the top is the self-proclaimed Jakarta street kid, full of nostalgia for his former adopted country. Barack Hussein Obama.
 Did our President question the Indonesian President about the atrocities committed against the Chinese women of Jakarta, or how about the Christians of East Timor? Or, what about the subjugation of the Papuans? Nope.  But he found the wherewithal to condemn Israel for...building houses.  Well, I guess it's right in line with the audacity of the president of Indonesia, to try putting pressure on Mr. Obama to hurry along a Palestinian Muslim state--"Muslim" being the key word here.  As the Sultan Knish concludes in his riveting post:

And so the killings go on, and Obama keeps on smiling, as he makes his nostalgic pilgrimage to bloody Jakarta, where he lived as a Muslim, free of the violence and terror faced by non-Muslims in that city. And the media smiles along and ignores the bloody history. Because as long as the lives of non-Muslims are considered to be worth less than that of Muslims-- the blood will continue to flow.
And this is the President of the Free World.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Batya said…
Obama was never "mighty." He's just a player with speech writers and a teleprompter, but Jakarta is home to him, not the states.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Actually, by "mighty" I meant The Free World, not Obama. It's the Free World that is falling because of electing such a person to the highest office of the land.

I might have to re-write that sentence.
Anonymous said…
I shared this story on several sites, I hope it is not the case but if it is its about to get a lot of attention....

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