Israel Continues to do Good-Despite Being a Pariah*

An alien landing somewhere on Earth and listening to the news blasting Israel would come to the conclusion that that country must be a huge land containing billions of people, which controls the world and is the cause of all evil in it.

This is the way it comes across, to hear or read about the lambasting of Israel--while countries whose regimes are truly guilty of piracy or rape, or murder and even genocide are written about, but without a hue-and-cry for de-ligitimization as is done with Israel. Cases in point include Darfur in the western Sudan, Somalia, and Indonesia, where our illustrious President just visited and towards which he gushed U. S. friendship.

Meanwhile, what are these failed regions and states doing to help humanity? Because Extremely-Evil-Israel-Which-Should-Not-Exist has just sent an aid shipment with a hundred thousand doses of medicine to Haiti to help alleviate the cholera epidemic which is ravaging that unfortunate country.
 That tiny Jewish homeland is also planning on sending a medical team to set up a center which will become permanent.

As a matter of fact, did you know that Israel has had an aid team in place in Haiti continuously, since the earthquake of January 2010?

The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAID) sent a team to Haiti recently to assess the impact of the cholera outbreak. IsraAID has had teams in the area since an 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit in January.
Let's review a little, shall we:

In January, shortly after the earthquake, an IDF team flew to Haiti and established a field hospital in which more than 1,100 people were treated and more than 300 surgeries performed.

 The world would do well to come to its senses and recognize Israel-the-Jewish-State for what it is: a highly civlized country which continues to display Jewish Torah values in caring for the downtrodden and oppressed, regardless of their ethnicity or religion--despite being surrounded herself by enemies who vilify and seek her destruction.

It seems appropriate here to post this video of Moshe Feiglin's answer to Mr. Obama's Cairo speech given last year, in which he sucked up to the Muslim world (in Hebrew, with English subtitles. Read them.)

Remember that Bible in which many of you believe? Those who bless Israel will be blessed.  And the opposite.

*you're intelligent. look it up.


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