I'm So Proud!

Over the weekend, several friends alerted me by email and in person (one of them while I was walking on the way to shul, actually) that my daughter's company was featured in a photo in our local newspaper.

As I've said before, Baby K'tan is one of the best baby carriers on the market.  I am so proud!!

Here is a reproduction below:

Holiday shopping campaign is locally honed
By Margaret Jackson
The Denver Post
Posted: 11/27/2010 01:00:00 AM MST

Real Baby general manager Annie Mullens, left, talks with Elisabeth Levy about the proper fit for a Baby K'Tan carrier. Levy, holding a 1-week- old girl whom she is in the process of adopting, was shopping in Denver's Highlands Square district on Friday. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post )
Black Friday shoppers were waiting outside The Chocolate Therapist in downtown Littleton when Windsor Kilian opened the shop at 6 a.m. They had already been out for hours, hunting down the best deals at national retailers that opened even earlier. By 6 a.m. most were finished and looking for a good cup of hot coffee...

(If you are interested you may read the entire article here.)
(And please, if you know anyone who is pregnant or has a baby and is looking for a baby carrier--send them to the Baby K'tan Web site.  I thank you!)


Batya said…
such nachas
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Yup. I'm shlepping it...er...shepping it!

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