Getting Into the...Chanukah Spirit.

It's hard to believe that Chanukah 5771 is almost here.  This is one of the times that I so miss being in Israel.  I want to be surrounded by my own people's holiday and culture.  Chanukah is a celebration of the restoration of religious freedom and the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) to the Jewish people.  America--let's face it--was founded by Christians and promotes Christian holidays, which is understandable.  I am a proud American, but also a proud Jew. Being a Jew is the core of my being, and as a Jew, I have the need to be surrounded by my own heritage, customs and laws.  I can feel this so much more in a Jewish country, where my religion is the main, official one. 

Besides, there is nothing like Israeli sufganiyot (American jelly doughnuts can't hold a candle, so to speak).

Thanks to Jacob Richman for posting all his Chanukah videos.  I don't know whether this one is on his list, however.

(By the way, no offense meant to anyone, Christian or Jewish.  Just take the video with a grain of...jelly and oil.)


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