Too Much Work, Too Little Time...To Blog!

I should start out by saying, thank G-d I found a job!  I'm back to teaching, this time little ones, toddler age, at a wonderful preschool which (unfortunately) is very far from my home, but--what can one do?!

Because of this, I have very little time for blogging, let alone even being on the PC!  What I now need a computer for, is WORK (translation: gotta getta laptop!)  Unfortunately, the bank account won't allow for that at this time...

Kids are amazing, although it is very tiring work, demanding high energy levels (and my knees are protesting vociferously!!).  But it is wonderful how a child's personality develops, and how excited and interested they are in the world around them.  And it is a privilege that I can make a positive difference in a child's life.  I remember how difficult a childhood I had, and how adults around me, including teachers, were not understanding and empathetic. This may be a part of the reasons I went into teaching, almost straight out of college.  I knew that I could give a child the love, acceptance and understanding he or she needed, in order to positively face the future and be excited about life.

A while back I posted a video along the lines of Art Linkletter's (remember him?) "Kids Say the Darndest Things," but video style: kids DO the darndest things.  I believe it's time to re-post it now.  Enjoy.  So, as teaching is the kind of job you don't leave at the "office" when it's closing time, but rather take the work home with you--lesson planning, making up portfolios, preparing for parent/teacher conferences--all I can say is, I will blog when I can...thanks for still being loyal readers--you are what makes this blog!


Batya said…
I'm glad you're well!
Lady-Light said…
Thank you (if you consider chronic rhinosinusitis and osteoarthritis, "well!")
I'm alive (baruch H.), but not 'kicking' so well, with my knees...
Dropped in to say 'hi!' Glad you're working, I'll think happy healing thoughts about your knees, as my own creak in empathy. ;)


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