Recognition of the Jewish State: A Prerequisite for True Peace

Everyone is screaming about Israel's not making 'concessions for peace,' lately by not extending the construction freeze in Jerusalem.  I don't hear anyone saying a word about the so-called Palestinians (who amazingly didn't exist in 1948.  Somehow then, they were just "Arabs") not recognizing the state of Israel and that being an obstacle for peace.

Finally there is someone (Michael B. Oren) who actually noticed that discrepancy and wrote about it in the New York Times:
Affirmation of Israel’s Jewishness, however, is the very foundation of peace, its DNA. Just as Israel recognizes the existence of a Palestinian people with an inalienable right to self-determination in its homeland, so, too, must the Palestinians accede to the Jewish people’s 3,000-year connection to our homeland and our right to sovereignty there. This mutual acceptance is essential if both peoples are to live side by side in two states in genuine and lasting peace.
 The fact that this recognition is not happening is to me absolute proof that all these 'peace talks' are a sham.  You can't have peace talks with an opponent who doesn't even recognize your legitimacy.  Why should Israel recognize the legitimacy of the Arabs to a section of the formerly-called Palestine? There is no good reason.  Because the underlying purpose of the Arabs' non-recognition of the Jewish State, is not to create a state of their own--because if that were the case, the Arabs would have concentrated since 1967 on building an infrastructure for such a state--it is rather, to hasten Israel's dissolution. 

How can the world in good conscience expect Israel to bend over backwards to encourage a phony 'peace' which will hasten its own demise? The whole scenario is ludicrous, at best, and horrifically insane, at worst.


chenyok said…
Why should the arabs have an "inalienable" right to Eretz Yisrael, if it's land Hashem gave us! The "peace talks" SHOULD be a sham from our side too. Pity they're not, because Hashem's words mean little to the politicians.

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