Shlomit's Sukkah (Israel) is to Blame for Ruining the "Peace"

We are in the midst of the beautiful harvest holiday of Sukkot.  I wanted to upload some pics of our sukkah this year, but with a three-day Yom Tov (Holy days) time and exhaustion (and working in between) did not yet permit.  Instead, I found this:

There is an Israeli children's song called "Shlomit Bonah Sukkah," meaning a little girl named Shlomit (from the root 'shalom,' peace) is building a sukkah--that temporary hut we build to eat and sleep in for the holiday of sukkot, ongoing now.  Latma TV has now used that song in a sarcastic video showing how Shlomit's sukkah--euphemism for Israel--is to blame for ruining the "peace," while the world just looks the other way at the real Jew-haters, war-mongers and terrorists.


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