"Peace" is Just a Catchphrase

So we are going at it again, on and on with more "peace talks" between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah faction.  First meeting in Washington, D.C., then in Sharm-el-Sheikh, then in Jerusalem, and on and on---back and forth.
But the world is not aware that the word "peace" is just a catchphrase.  It has no basis in the reality of the way the Middle East is today. This is just a dance that the two leaders and their American advisers, emissaries, and negotiators are stepping to, dancing around the great big pink elephant in the room, which no one wants to identify. And what is it?  The fact that no one is considering that the Arabs have, to this day, not yet declared acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state in the Middle East. They always step around the issue, claiming in their text books and maps the entire region which is Israel as theirs, which was "taken away" by the Jews in the Naqba--the "catastrophe" of the creation of the state of Israel.

The whole thing is a pack of lies and obfuscations.   It's antisemitism (which refers to Jews only) by the Muslim Arabs of that region, plain and simple. They just don't want a Jewish state in their midst, historical rights be damned--and never have.  They have never come to terms with Israel being there.  Is this the basis upon which "peace talks" are held? Not on your life.  The whole thing is a sham, and utterly ridiculous.  In order to have a true peace, the vanquished (the Arabs, from 1967 when Israel won the war they had started), should just accept the fact that they are the losers, and concede--period.  They started every war Israel waged in self-defense since its inception in 1948, including that first one in 1948--they don't want the Jews there, and they don't really want peace, plain and simple.  But nobody seems to see this, nor care.

Just look at the cover of Time Magazine, with their provocative picture of a Jewish Magen David with the antisemitic "Israel Doesn't Care About Peace."  Talk about offensive.  Can you imagine them putting a Palestinian flag or symbol on the cover, with a statement that the 'Palestinians Don't Care About Peace?' Wouldn't happen.

The only sort of real peace we could have there, is a JUST peace, where the little nation which wanted to rebuild in its ancient land from time immemorial, is given full rights to live in its land which it paid for in the blood of thousands of its citizens and pioneers who defended themselves for an ideal: a return of the "rootless," homeless Jews to their ancient home.  It's a 'damned if they do and damned if they don't' situtation.  The Jews are vilified for being rootless and having NO home, are now are vilified for RETURNING to their home.  I guess if you're a Jew, ya just can't win the popular opinion, can ya?


Reb Mordechai said…
Dear Lady-Light. Wishing you and your family a Gamar Chatima Tova. BTW, Please update your Eretz Yisrael clock. We turned the clocks back last week.

Reb Mordechai
Lady-Light said…
Reb Mordechai: Oops. You're right. Gotta find the time to do that...it's an esek gadol. And Gmar chatimah tovah to you and your family as well.

(Maybe until I fix it I should put up a disclaimer?!)
Batya said…
They've cheapened it completely. They're not marketing peace. It's all fake.
Lady-Light said…
Batya, I am so weary of these "peace talks," and find myself repeating and repeating myself (after all, I am the Dept. of Redundancy Dept., right?), that lately I have no cheshek to write about it anymore.
Nim'as li kvar.

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