No Peace Before Rosh Hashana

I am afraid there will be no peace before Rosh Hashana.  Nor will there be before Yom Kippur, or Sukkot--unless a miraculous redemption happens.  The world is heading down the slippery slope, and kowtowing to rogue states and terrorist supporters.  Already there have been at least four innocent people murdered by Arab terrorists during this month of personal introspection, Elul, approaching the High Holy Days. Here are some reasons why.

There is blatant Anti-Semitism everywhere, it is totally accepted now--even on  Facebook, which apparently is doing nothing about removing the anti-Israel hate sites (I reported two--did you?).

It looks to me as if everyone is capitulating at this time: Netanyahu stated last week that the "construction freeze" would end as originally planned, on September 26th.  I don't trust what he says anymore.  He should have cancelled the meeting with Abbas after the terrorist attacks on four civilians, and ended the construction freeze immediately.

And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has backtracked on her promoting a "unified" Jerusalem, instead saying that it "is a contested emotional issue for both Israelis and Palestinians?  It's just more hogwash.

And that so-called "moderate" Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf of the "Ground-Zero Mosque? Turns out he is a strong supporter and donor to a pro-Hamas (officially designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., remember?) movement.  You know--the one which has tried several times to break the Israeli embargo on military supplies to Gaza.      

And one of the major donors to that mosque, part of a real-estate partnership which bought the property to be torn down and used for the mosque, donated to an Islamic "charity" whose assets were, in 2001, frozen by the U.S. government because it was a fundraiser for Hamas.

This is the Muslim way.  Lies and obfuscation, which are absolutely permitted and encouraged to get their way: Al-Taqiyya can be and is condoned to be used for the purpose of world domination  by Islam.  After all, it's the religion of peace, right?

G-d help us, we need a miracle.


trencherbone said…
As the 9/11 anniversary approaches, expect crocodile tears from 'moderate' Muslims who will quote cancelled verses from the Koran to explain how Islam is a religion of peace.

Don't believe a word of it, Islam encourages them to tell lies to fool gullible non-Muslims.

Their only loyalties and moral obligations are to one another, and they believe all non-Muslims are 'najis' - filth on a par with urine and feces.

They are at war with us, always have been at war with us, and always will be at war with us, until they cease to be Muslim.
Lady-Light said…
trench: I wish you were wrong. But you're right. And the world is blind. Or afraid to face the truth.

What to do?

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