Life Has More Meaning...with Observance

An article on Israel National News indicated that a CBS survey showed more and more Israelis are becoming observant in their Judaism.  Life just has more meaning, when you believe there is more to it than merely the physical world in which we live, when you believe there is an underlying reason for our existence.

 What sense does it make for a tiny nation such as Israel is to exist in an arid, originally inhospitable land, surrounded by many, larger enemy countries seeking its destruction, constantly under physical threat?  It makes no sense at all, except for G-d-given ancient Judaism which gives us Divine reasons for living in the Land of Israel.
 A special Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) survey has found that more Israeli Jews are becoming increasingly religiously observant than the reverse. 21% of those surveyed said they are currently more religious than they were in the past, while 14% say they are less religious.
After all, what is the purpose of our being here, in this physical world--without other-worldly, metaphysical reasons which are, in this lifetime beyond our ken? 


Devorah said…
That's interesting!
Lady-Light said…
Devorah: Isn't it? There seems to be a turning-over of the IDF. Who would have believed this when Israel was a fledgling state?--it was so secular then.

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