It Don't Mean a Thing if you Ain't Got that BLING

I've changed my clock (thank you, Reb Mordechai), and went a little crazy adding crap stuff to my sidebar. I might have gone a little overboard.  It's because of my penchant for bling of all kinds. I am the one who loves those "bells and whistles."  Don't have any new cars (we had to return our leased 2005 Honda Pilot last April and couldn't afford to lease another), but if I did, I would want them with everything: 4-wheel drive, running boards, USB ports, built-in GPS, even a Heads-Up display (I hear they're coming)--basically, computerized everything

But since I can't have any new cars, I decided I'd Bling My Blog  instead.  If you like it, tell your friends (if you have any).  If you don't like it, tell me.  Quietly.

 In the end, I'm afraid I'm just a wingnut, er--Bling-nut!

(This post has nothing to do with anything.  Just have an easy but meaningful fast, y'all.)


I completely agree - blog bling is the best kind!
Lady-Light said…
Megan: "Blog bling." "Blog Bling" - has a kind of ring to it, doesn't it?
Batya said…
what's a bling?
Lady-Light said…
Batya: "Bling" is a slang word meaning 'flashy.' Here is what Wikipedia says about it.

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