Ground Zero Mosque is "Bringing a Pig Into a Holy Place"

So the 'moderate' Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says to CNN "this is not Ground-Zero proper. No ones' body is in that location". . .Is that so? Not really.  Remains were found 348 feet from the site of the proposed mosque.

But since when are Muslims, even so-called 'moderate' ones, sensitive to anyone else's feelings and sensibilities? As Miriam Avraham, the mother of Alona Avraham (who was murdered at age 30 on 9/11 while visiting her uncle) said,
"We intend to address the US government together about this. My position is clear – there shouldn't be any mosque there. It cannot happen. I don't understand this government, they invest millions into catching (Osama) Bin Laden but on the other hand they allow this mosque. It's like bringing a pig into a holy place."
That's exactly what it is.  Spitting on the victims, twisting the knife a little more.  Adding insult to injury.  And we are allowing that? 


Vox Populi said…
Not sure I get this post. You criticize Rauf for claiming that no remains were found at the site of the future Islamic community center, and then show a map showing...that no remains were found at the site of the future ICC. Remains were found not far from it, sure, but I don't think anyone is arguing that the ICC is far from the WTC!

Not sure I understand Ms. Avraham either. Of course the government is investing millions in catching Osama bin Laden. He's the one responsible for the attacks themselves, and is actively planning (and has planned) attacks that he hopes will kill more people. Ms. Avraham seems to be suggesting that a greater priority should be placed on preventing a community center from being built two blocks from the WTC than in catching the terrorist mastermind behind those and other attacks? This seems absurd. Not to mention that, legally, there is nothing anyone in government can do to prevent it from being built. What does she want the government to do, exactly?
trencherbone said…
HARBITUDE - the antidote to dhimmitude!
Of couse it's rude as for this simile of a pig in a holly place but unfortunately it's absolutely true! People who even consider the possibility of building the mosque must be out of their mind!
Lady-Light said…
Vox, & Cameron: I keep thinking of the Pope and the Carmelite nuns, deciding in sensitivity to the Jewish Holocaust victims not to build a Christian religious edifice at Auschwitz.

This is similar. It is a sensitivity issue, an empathy for those who were hurt. There is none here (empathy, that is).

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