Video: NO to Ground Zero Mosque

Thanks to Israel Matzav for posting this.  It's exactly how I feel about this proposed mosque: it's rubbing salt in the wound.


trencherbone said…
We need to celebrate diversity by acknowledging that Ground Zero is a hallowed site for Muslims as well as for Jews and Christians, and it is only right that they should build a mosque there.

Ground Zero is sacred to Islam as being the holy altar on which 3000 najis kafirs were sacrificed as burnt offerings to Allah (aka Moloch) for the greater glory of the Religion of Peace™ .
Lady-Light said…
trencherbone: At first, I thought from reading your first paragraph that you were an Islamist. Then I read paragraph 2.

I am still shuddering. Thank you for visiting. I think. (It's just too horrible to face, even for me: I know)
Batya said…
darling, is everything ok? nothing posted this week
Lady-Light said…
Batya: You are a honey for worrying--I was working most of the week and was exhausted, so no postings. Thank you for your concern (a true friend, virtually!)

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