Teshuvah in the Month of Elul--Is it Possible?!

Am I seeing things? Is it a miracle? Are Mashiach times upon us??  Did the Israeli courts really recognize that a Jew has to profess loyalty to Judaism and live like a Jew, in order to be considered for the Law of Return?

As read on Jewish Israel, the Israeli High Court has ruled, according to traditional Judaism, that a Jewish convert to Christianity has to prove that she is committed to the Jewish people before she is allowed to come into Israel.
The secular court of Israel apparently outshined the London and Tel Aviv rabbinical courts, which maintained that the woman in question had the status of a Jew (although she had abandoned Judaism). According to the JPost editorial report, the justices noted that “… communities throughout the ages regularly ostracized these people, … suggesting that in modern Israel the refusal to reinstate citizenship was a legitimate response…” to those who have abandoned their Jewish identity.
The justices also cited a decision by former president of the Supreme Court Aharon Barak who, “basing himself on solely secular criteria, acknowledged in 1987 that a Jew who believed Jesus was a savior had removed himself from the Jewish collective and was, therefore, to be denied Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.”
Don't you think it's about time?  Let's hope this isn't a fluke.


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