A Stunning Video

I was struck dumb when I saw this video. But that's okay, because It speaks for itself.


This video is impressive. And it's full of truth. But we can't still forget that not only Arabs but Israelis, too, can be accused of different atrocities. But hopefully one day the nation won't lift a sword against another nation.
Lady-Light said…
Jessica@Israel: Yes, it is impressive and full of truth.

Of course, Israelis are not perfect, but the difference is it is not in their culture or values to commit atrocities, whereas it is in the Arab culture: they educate their young pre-schoolers to hate Israel and martyr themselves by fighting, murdering and dying for their sick "cause."

Meanwhile, I don't know how far away we are from "lo isa goy el goy cherev." It seems, most of the time--too far...

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