So Easy, Even GUYS Can Do It!!

Remember a couple or three posts ago I showed you how easy it is to put on the Baby K'tan compared to a wrap-type baby carrier?  Well, here's one of the newest positions, called "the Kangaroo" position, which can be used with cute little newborns (whom I still swoon over!).  This position is so easy, even guys can do it (forgive me, dudes)!

So all you men--fathers and fathers-to-be, go out right now and GET one, 'cause it is the BEST!

(I just wish I had one when my eldest daughter--who invented it--was a newborn.  But time can't go backwards, can it?)


Batya said…
When I was in the baby business, men wouldn't use anything like that; they thought it would castrate them.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Men's culture has changed, at least in the States. I consider it changed for the better.

My son 'wears' his new baby in his older-sister-invented Baby K'tan all the time.
His younger bro wore his babies in the Baby K'tan, and they (the brothers) are really macho men.

I think that wearing babies actually makes men more attractive.

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