Relgious Tolerance Does Not Mean Utter Stupidity

Allowing a mosque led by a seemingly anti-American Imam who does not condemn terrorism and blames the United States as contributing to 9/11, without knowing from where and how this proposed 13-story building is being funded, is a ridiculously bad idea.

And now our great president is approving of its building, citing our need for religious tolerance. As David Pryce-Jones so aptly states in his excellent article Apologist in Chief (emphasis mine):
This [allowing Muslims religious freedom] is obviously true, but a mosque in this site of mass murder committed by Muslims is not about freedom of worship, it is a statement of supremacy and conquest.

Bet the Islamists are laughing at our naivete all the way to the bank...and the next suicide bomb in New York City (or coming to a town near you).

Let's DO something about it: Sign the Petition, to disallow its building!


Ima2seven said…
My husband is of the mind that this cause has brought many people to reveal just how far we WON'T go in the name of "tolerance". It has certainly made a lot of "moderates" look absolutely ridiculous. Assuming it is built in the end, do you think Jews will wake up to the reality that the US just isn't really the place for them to live?
Lady-Light said…
Ima2seven: This has certainly brought out a backlash of response, especially since Mr. Obama has come out in favor.

Moderates don't think they look ridiculous yet. Problem is, what might have to happen in order for them to look ridiculous...

Unfortunately, the United States is slipping down into a dark tunnel, from which it's going to be very difficult to climb out.

G-d forbid that I should be right about the immediate future...

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