Panorama Surprise: A Fair Report on Israel and the Turkish Flotilla Incident

What we have known all along about Israel's actions being self-defense in the incident of the Gaza "Peace" Flotilla has now been confirmed, by a surprisingly very balanced report by the BBC's  documentary show, Panorama, as written on Honest Reporting UK

This BBC report indicates, from videos, radio transmissions and interviews of members of the Turkish IHH (-who openly stated that they wished to be martyrs and that the Israelis should "go back to Auschwitz"), of other passengers on board, and of soldiers in the elite Israeli Naval Commando 13 who boarded the ship--what really happened on the Mavi Marmara on 31 May, 2010.


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Eric said…
My co-blogger on IsraelSituation posted this the other day as well. It is too bad it takes this long for people to realize the truth about an incident.
Lady-Light said…
Eric: I actually think that even after the publication of this report, most people who were against Israel initially would still not believe it, as it goes against their raison d'etre.

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