Israel: A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey and. . . Gas and Oil?!

Is it possible? Is it a miracle? At long last, tiny, seemingly resource-poor Israel has found abundant natural gas and oil resources offshore in the Mediterranean!

In 2009, American company Noble Energy based in Houston, Texas, found (in their drilling for the Israeli Delek fuel company) vast reserves of natural gas and then oil, in the sea offshore from Haifa. Original estimates of around 87 billion cubic meters were apparently conservative, and were revised to 850 billion cubic meters, enough to supply Israel's domestic gas requirements for up to thirty-five years.  There is the strong possibility that Israel will become--and this is truly miraculous--an exporter of natural gas and maybe even oil.

Of course, Lebanon and Hezbollah have already laid claims to some of these discoveries, saying that it is in their territory, and that they will "not allow" Israel to take possession of these oil and gas fields.  Well, let's take a look now, shall we?

Funny, it doesn't look as if it is in their territory.  Above is the map straight from the Noble Energy site, showing the Tamar, Dalit and Mari-B oil field development projects. Seems to me, Cyprus might have something to say for discoveries in its waters.  But, nope. Not Lebanon.  And certainly not Hezbollah.

But knowing the character (or lack thereof) of Israel's surrounding enemies, we can be sure that they will do everything in their power to get their hands on natural gas and oil reserves which rightfully belong to the Jews.  Belonging to the Jews? Unheard of!  Not permitted!  It can't be! We won't allow it!  Not fair!!!

But maybe, just maybe, it's fulfillment of a prophecy from the Torah. . . ?  You can interpret it any way you like.  Meanwhile, just keep swimming drilling, drilling, drilling. . .

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